India Gomez, PhD

Dr. India Gomez, Clinical Psychologist

Therapy, Coaching, Testing/Assessment, Consultation

As a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY30098), I offer therapy and coaching for personal/professional growth. I work with clients to enhance coping with stress, bolster resiliency, as well as to overcome obstacles to living more fully. I also specialize in psychological/personality and intellectual/academic testing and assessment including evaluation of learning disabilities, ADHD, mental health/psychiatric diagnoses and dementia.

As a consultant advisor and subject matter expert, I serve as a contributor, reviewer, and editor of mental health content for various publications, as well as an advocate and thought leader in the areas of mental health literacy, cultural competency, healthcare access, and mental health parity.

I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area and serve therapy and assessment clients throughout California via secure video. I provide consultancy services nationally and internationally.