Therapy, Psychological Testing/Assessment, Coaching

Who do I work with?

As a licensed clinical psychologist, I work with clients of all ages from numerous intersecting ethnic, racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds, as well as a wide range of sexual and gender orientations, and various abilities/disabilities. My certificate in Latin American Family Therapy, cultural competency training and extensive experience working with Latinx/Latino/Hispanic, Indigenous, Black/African-American, Asian, and LGBTQ+ clients contributed to building a diverse client-base in my private practice.

The clients I work with have a wide range of needs and goals for engagement in services.  I partner with executives and technologists to optimize performance and meet career goals while considering wellness and work-life balance and I serve clients who are struggling with mental health problems and external stressors to improve quality of life and functioning.

How do I work with clients?

My approach to working with clients is integrative including influences from the following theories and systems: Humanistic/Client-Centered, Psychodynamic/Object Relations/Relational, CBT/DBT, Family Systems, Recovery Oriented Care, Mindfulness, and Cultural Competency.

I specialize in psychological/personality and intellectual/academic testing and assessment including evaluation of learning disabilities, ADHD, mental health/psychiatric diagnoses and dementia.  I conduct thorough clinical interviews with clients and other relevant sources, administer appropriate tests to answer complex referral questions, identify diagnoses, and provide treatment and accommodations recommendations, and synthesize best practices for psychological testing with cultural context to provide integrative reports and feedback.

My practice also includes personal and executive coaching to support clients who may not have a mental health diagnosis or already have other mental health services, however value personal and professional growth and maintaining life balance.

Location: Psychological services are available via telehealth/teletherapy/telepsychology/telementalhealth throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and California. Coaching and consultation services are available within the US and internationally.

Psychotherapy Specialties
Cultural Competency
Mood: Depression and Bipolar
Trauma: PTSD, complex, historical
Grief & Loss
Relationship issues / Communication
Co-occurring mental health, substance use, and medical issues
Serious Mental Illness
Cultural identity development and exploration
Internalized oppression / Internalized "- isms"
Stress management / Work-Life balance
"Imposter Syndrome"
Self-esteem and assertiveness
Personal growth and authentic expression
Self-care / Wellness & Disability Management
Phase of life issues / Life transitions

Coaching Specialties
(Executive / Personal)

Goal Setting
Identifying Obstacles
Behavioral Changes
Cognitive (thinking) Changes
Planning & Problem Solving
Work-Life Balance
Time Management
Communication Skills & Assertiveness
Conflict Management
Stress Management Techniques
ADHD Assessment / Management

EAP - Employee Assistance Program
Short-term Therapy
Solution Focused
Assessment and Referral
Provide Resources & Referrals / Make Recommendations
Brief interventions for: Substance abuse, emotional distress, occupational stress, family stress, life changes

Psychological Testing & Assessment

Psychological testing/assessment can be beneficial and necessary to obtain accommodation for work or school, standardized testing accommodations, other disability accommodations, and to access disability-related services and resources. Testing can identify intellectual and academic strengths and weaknesses, psychological and personality diagnoses, psychological/personality strengths and weaknesses, as well as guide/inform treatment with other providers. Psychological testing can be particularly helpful to clarify complex and co-occurring diagnoses and provide meaningful feedback to clients and treatment teams about recovery from and management of psychiatric disabilities, learning disabilities, and neurocognitive disabilities such as dementia.

Testing/Assessments include integration of ethno-cultural context and evaluation of strengths and weakness of tests available/administered for individual client.

*I provide testing for clinical purposes. I do not provide forensic testing.

Intellectual/Ability + Academic/Education/Achievement

Testing for learning disabilities & ADHD as well as assessment of strengths.

Psychological & Personality (Psychodiagnostic)

Assessment/testing for diagnosis related to psychological and personality functioning.

Dementia Evaluation

Assessment for dementia and co-occurring psychiatric diagnoses.

Psychology and Coaching Services with Dr. India Gomez, Clinical Psychologist

Individual psychotherapy (all ages) + family interventions:
50 minute sessions standard - $250. Extended sessions also available pro-rated.

Care-coordination: Working with other providers such as psychiatrists who are involved with mental health/physical health care. Prorated according to session rate.

Coaching for personal and professional growth:
50 minute sessions standard - $250. Extended sessions also available pro-rated.
(Packages available for multiple sessions).

Psychological Testing/Assessment:
per quote based on type and extent of services.


Payment is accepted via credit card in the patient portal which is charged automatically on the day of your session. Clients receiving psychological services and coaching may not accrue balances to be invoices later - all payment is due at the time of service.

Insurance: I am in-network (INN) for Original Medicare Part B (I do not take Medicare + MediCal or Medicare Advantage Plans/ Managed Care Plans) and CONCERN EAP provider.  As a private practitioner, I am not in-network (INN) for most health insurances in order to spend more time working with clients and provide more focused care rather than seeing a high volume of clients to make up for working for low/unsustainable insurance reimbursement rates.

Itemized receipts (superbills) are available upon request for third-party reimbursement for therapy sessions such as health insurance or a medical flex spending account (FSA).  If you have a PPO health insurance plan, that means that you can get some reimbursement for out-of-network (ONN) providers. Some of those plans have a deductible before they start reimbursing for out-of-network services and have varying percentages they reimburse and varying "allowable" rates for services.

You can discuss your coverage and protocols with your insurance company to understand how they may cover our work together and to what extent you may be reimbursed. Please keep in mind that most health insurance companies who reimburse for out-of-network providers require that a diagnosis be provided.


Good Faith Estimate / No Surprises Act - new protections starting 1/1/2022 for patients/clients for medical billing when paying out of pocket and/or seeing a provider who is out-of-network