Psychiatry Referrals:

Dr. Lucas Jones:

Dr. Richard Levine, Berkeley Therapy Institute:

Other Healthcare Provider Recommendations:

Malaya Acupuncture and Wellness Center:

Oakland Community Acupuncture:


Belinda Burnside, Osteopathy:

Dr. Korosh Shakeri, Berkeley Chiropractic Clinic:

Community Mental Health Clinics:

Native American Health Center, Clinical Behavioral Health

Alameda Family Services:

La Clinica, Casa del Sol:

Mindfulness Podcasts:


Dharma Seed:

Tara Brach:

Mindfulness Apps:

Insight Timer - mindfulness/meditation app

Calm - mindfulness/meditation app

Headspace - mindfulness/meditation app

Liberate - mindfulness/meditation app by and for POC

Mental Health Book Recommendations:

The Body Keeps the Score: Mind, Brain and Body in the Transformation of Trauma. Bessel van der Kolk.

Coping with Trauma-Related Dissociation: Skills Training for Patients and Therapists (Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology). Suzette Boon , Kathy Steele , et al.

Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence--From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror. Judith Herman

COMPLEX PTSD, from Surviving to Thriving, Pete Walker

We All Have Parts. Colleen West.

The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self. Alice Miller

Mindfulness Practice Links

Daily mindfulness practice (Female voice):

Mindfulness Meditation - Quick 15 Min Stress Relief Version:

Mindfulness Meditation to help Relieve Anxiety and Stress:

Rest In Natural Great Peace:

Radical Acceptance Revisited - Tara Brach: